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Excerpt from: Confessions
She was trapped; pinned between justice and an impossible fall. The sky was red as the blood she'd left pooling on the tiles of the cathedral floor, silhouetting her as she stood with her back to us, contemplating her choice. Tall stucco buildings glared from hollow eyes, disapproving of our pursuit. I agreed with them as I pushed my way to the front of the guards, closer to her.
I know what I had witnessed, but even so, no one deserved this. Either way, she would die. And I wasn't entirely convinced she was wrong, that we weren't the ones inflicting a corrupt sense of justice. I wasn't sure why I had followed her, or what I hoped to accomplish, but some small voice urged me to try and talk her away from her fate--to try and save her.
As if hearing my doubts, she turned to face the guards splayed out in cautious defense. She smiled at the spears trained on her, the look a cobra gets before it strikes. Her dark eyes locked on mine. In that instant I could see she wasn't repentant. She b
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Excerpt from: Spinning
As I finished the melody, I opened my eyes. One of the women was staring at me intently. It unnerved me to have one of them finally look at me. And not just look in feigned appreciation at the end of the song; she was really seeing me.
I waited the obligatory few minutes between songs, allowing the crowd to drift into new conversations and different locations. The dark-haired woman glided my way. She moved so subtly at first that I wasn't sure what she was doing; she paused to speak with several other women before her intentions were finally clear. Could she really have liked the previous song that much? She hadn't looked particularly moved by the melancholy notes. And why was she so intent that no one saw she wanted to speak to me?
Her blue eyes narrowed as she approached. I gazed up at her warily, sure I was either going to get a nasty critique or a vague request for some song she'd heard once that resembled what I'd just played.
"What's your name?" she demanded. Her voice was low, m
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Excerpt from:The Bardach
Smoke swirled through the air like poisonous snakes. She stumbled, choking and coughing, toward the cool safety promised by the nearby woods. Her vision blurred from the pain nearly as much as the smoke. Blindly she lurched through the underbrush. Branches raked through her skin in an almost welcome distraction. She barely acknowledged the myriad scratches--her focus was entirely on her need to escape and the pulsating agony of the sword wound in her side. Blood was seeping through the fingers she kept futilely pressed against the gash, draining her strength as surely as her life with every drop. Still she pushed on; if she stopped, she would die. Of that, she was sure.
Her ankle wrenched as her foot caught against a protruding root and she tumbled head first onto the hard ground. She cried out as fresh pain flared from her side, overwhelming the throbbing in her ankle. She rolled slightly to ease the pressure on her wounds. With the last of her strength she tried to rise, but her body
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Unmoving Book Cover Art by reuts Unmoving Book Cover Art :iconreuts:reuts 7 3 Rose City by merrak Rose City :iconmerrak:merrak 12 8
Quality Comparison ~ Lightning Source, Createspace
Alternative title: Smelling Books with merrak!

Lighting source vs. Createspace seems to be one of those debates that needs to be renewed every so often. I never found a clear answer on which books were of better quality (although the majority of recent posts sided with LSI). Since I have collected dozens of CS proofs and one LSI proof, I am at least somewhat qualified to throw one more penny in the mall fountain of internet research material.
Cost: The costs are common knowledge. Between setup fees and LSI's proof fee ($30 for a proof), I've spent over $100 setting up a title with LSI. At Createspace, I could've spent just $6 (proof + shipping). I emphasize could, because I ordered several proofs from them. Sometimes you just don't spot errors until you open the real book and there's a typo staring you in the face :stare:. I ended up ordering something like 10 proofs total (not that I made that many mistakes - I'd order them 3 or so at a ti
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Untitled by KarinaRodriguez Untitled :iconkarinarodriguez:KarinaRodriguez 1,033 222 Feathers in the wind by AonikaArt Feathers in the wind :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 2,921 159
Writing101: Writer's Doubt aka Terminal Terminitus
Today is a very important day. It's no less important than yesterday, but it's no more important than tomorrow - neither is it in between the two. But, it's still important. I could ramble on with justifications all day, each no less important than the last...but I'm procrastinating.
Procrastination (DON'T SAY DIRTY WORDS!) is one of many enemies to a writer, another being lack of time. But for many, the title of arch rival belongs to doubt.
Writer's doubt a.k.a. Terminal Teminitus. If Webster was to define it, the following would be noted in the dictionary:
Writer's Doubt (latin: Terminal Terminitus, Scribblius Maximus Gettius Nowhereius). A condition effecting writer's in which they deem their work of too low a value to continue or start. Symptoms include cold sweats, tummy aches, head pains, nausea, nose bleeds, broken pens, smashed laptops, frayed wits, and sometimes death (by stray paperclip).
Have you ever thought that you writing was not good enough to share? Have
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Sometimes Lost by gabbyd70 Sometimes Lost :icongabbyd70:gabbyd70 3,726 395
So You Want to Self-Publish?

So you want to self publish, and you're not quite sure what you're about to get into. Or, perhaps you do, but you're not sure where to begin researching the things you need to know. If either describes you, then this document is for you. Self-publishing is easy with merrak!
My aim is to produce a fairly comprehensive list of considerations. Like a Wikipedia article, it's meant to be a place to begin research, not a one-stop guide.
First, an important note. I'm a mathematician, not a publisher. Publishing is a hobby of mine. It's a hobby I take seriously, and as such, I've done the best research I can do. But I make my living teaching people how to put two and two together, and not helping them publish stories about funny things their cats do. Hence, this is a living document. Feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences. In fact, please do! Although I have things to share, I'm here to learn.
Now, let's begin!
First and foremost, let's crash th
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Cold Heart - The Meeting by Sayael Cold Heart - The Meeting :iconsayael:Sayael 1,420 47 Stream by KarlaFrazetty Stream :iconkarlafrazetty:KarlaFrazetty 664 85 What Your Soul Sings by MyLifeThroughTheLens What Your Soul Sings :iconmylifethroughthelens:MyLifeThroughTheLens 770 31 Gumiho by auroreblackcat Gumiho :iconauroreblackcat:auroreblackcat 3,573 159 Can't See Me  -Sketch by MichaelCrichlow Can't See Me -Sketch :iconmichaelcrichlow:MichaelCrichlow 267 17 Zodiac  Dragon . Libra by The-SixthLeafClover Zodiac Dragon . Libra :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 6,045 223 Forever Ended Too Soon by Pikishi Forever Ended Too Soon :iconpikishi:Pikishi 1,498 65 winter sun II by KariLiimatainen winter sun II :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 508 28


All of these pieces are done by incredibly talented artists and I'm proud to feature them on my page of favorites. Each was chosen for their stunning beauty, their technique or their overall emotion.

Please check out each artist's gallery to experience more of their amazing works! And visit my Favourites for more of the art I find most inspiring.




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Kisa Whipkey
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States



Originally from Northern California, I now live in the beautiful, albeit cold and soggy, Pacific Northwest. My passion for art started at a ripe young age like everyone else's, but was immediately combined with a near equal appetite for books. It wasn't until I was 11, and finally old enough to understand that animated movies weren't real but were instead a plausible career option combining both of my loves, that I knew I couldn't do anything else.

Prior to college, I was largely self-taught, devouring books on animation and experimenting on wintery nights with a light table my dad assembled for me in the garage. Formal training began when I was 16, and I tried everything from Animation and Writing, to Painting and Digital Art/Graphic Design, ultimately finding my niche in Storyboard Art. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Game Art and Design, specializing in what I found to be the perfect blend of my two passions--Visual Storytelling.

Most artists classify themselves by their favored medium; I consider myself a storyteller. My goal in art has always been to give people that same feeling I used to have leaving a theatre after the latest Disney film--goosebumps of joy at something magical, an escape from everyday life, and a momentary pause to savor good entertainment.

I founded Nightwolf A.D.E. (Art, Design & Editing) in 2011, and am currently the Lead Artist for this freelance based company. We offer a range of services, from freelance Writing & Editing, to Graphic Design, Illustration, and of course, Animation. Currently my Animation abilities are restricted to the traditional style, but I am hoping to expand into 3D soon. I am open for commissions, (prices listed below), so if you see something in my galleries you find interesting, please contact me. I can be reached at


Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you've enjoyed your stay!

Kisa Whipkey


Introducing Nightwolf's Corner

Journal Entry: Fri May 4, 2012, 2:40 PM

It's been awhile since I've updated my journal--nearly a year to be exact, eek!--so I thought it was high time I announced something new.

First, I'd like to thank those of you who are patiently waiting for me to update my gallery. I promise, it really is going to happen soon. It's been a long process of refining images, learning how to present them properly and setting up various websites that I lovingly like to call my Online Empire. **Evil Laugh** But in all seriousness, I'm super close to finally being able to regularly release new images, writing and other awesomeness. So please be patient just a little longer. Your support really means a lot to me. :)

Now, on to the main point of this update: the announcement of my new blog, Nightwolf's Corner. After several weeks of an intensive crash course in Wordpress, and all the code wrangling that entails, I'm happy to say that my blog is finally live. Complete with the first post. It will be a look into my particular type of storytelling, offering tidbits of wisdom learned from my experiences as a writer, artist and martial artist, along with commiserating rants over the frustrations we all face in the creative industries, and probably some snarky tirades on whatever irritates me that week. In reference to the three main topics, of course.

The site will also be the second best place to find out more information about me. It will include a lot of what can be found here--an art gallery of my work, excerpts of my writing, etc. But it will be more regularly updated and allow those interested in really getting to know me a better chance at interaction.

I've never ventured into the blog world, so this is a new experiment for me as well. And as usual, the site is still under construction. The main aspects are live, and will be updated every Friday--life allowing--but there are still a few more pages that need work. I hope some of you will come check it out, and maybe even continue to follow me there as well.

Thanks for reading!

Nightwolf's Corner:

CSS by CherieNoir. Background by Phatpuppy.



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Cheers for the +watch and the advice on ISBN's :D
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Wow, you have a lot of cool stuff :D I will have to go through everything! x3
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I'm replying to your post [link] here because a mod locked my thread.

Currently, we don't have a critique forum, we have a critique thread.

The difference between a forum and a thread is that a forum is the place where you post threads. For example, the Literature Forum, or the Complaints Forum, or the Help With life Forum. The threads are the links you click on in the forum--the topics of conversations.

What we have right now is one thread for everyone to post in.

What I am asking for is that we have a literature workshop forum, so that way we can be more organized and different people can start their own different threads, instead of being forced in to everyone using the same shitty one we have now.
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Knightrider5050 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hello. If you can I'd like very much for you to kinda spell/grammer check my latest fanfiction its a little story I'm working on to kind get be back into writing and using what I've learned on FH just kind of practicing ya know? The story is on my channel its called In the Past
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Knightrider5050 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
when you have the time I'd like you to listen to the songs I have posted for my ST pack. I've been rping with them and trying to get myself back in writing order. I've gotten much better. just been hard for me to get back into writing my book. I'm trying to make it anti-fer
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